Pricing Information & Definitions

Dry Lumber Price List
(All prices are subject to change without notice.)

Prices effective February 25, 2011                                                                                Dry Lumber Price list in .pdf format


FAS= First and Second Class     T&GTongue and grove      LF= Linear Foot

4/4:  pronounced four quarter representing 1 inch thick board.

5/4:  pronounced five quarter representing 11/4 inch thick board.

6/4:  pronounced six quarter representing 1 ½ inch thick board.

8/4:  pronounced eight quarter representing 2 inch thick board. 

Reminder: When a board is planed smooth on two sides the thickness of the board is reduced by a quarter of an inch.           

Calculating "Board Feet":
Lumber is priced by the "Board-Foot" (Bd/Ft).  To calculate the board feet of a piece of lumber:  Multiply the number of inches of thickness (e.g 1") by the board's width in inches and then by the board's length.  For example:  a 1" thick board that measures 6" wide by 72" long would be: 1 x 6 x 72 = 432 divided by 144 (the number of square inches in a square foot) = 3 Board Feet.  If you use feet instead of inches for your length measurement, then divide by 12.

All lumber over 12 inches wide please call for a price quote.  

All lumber is or can be surfaced two sides. 

$100 dollars per hour for all millwork. 


Millwork is limited to flat surfacing of four sides only.

Availability of all species of lumber is dependent upon suppliers. 


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