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Below are some pictures of our lumber, equipment and sawmill complex.

m_IMG_0680.JPG (54396 bytes)
Log deck and 20-foot 
sawmill carriage
m_IMG_0681.JPG (47473 bytes)
Head saw
m_IMG_0686.JPG (48261 bytes)
60 inch saw
IMG_0727.JPG (630013 bytes)
Automatic slab saw
m_IMG_0698.JPG (56427 bytes)
DeWalt 16-inch radial arm saw
m_IMG_0689.JPG (57095 bytes)
16" Jointer
m_IMG_0722.JPG (57112 bytes)
24" Sander
m_IMG_0691.JPG (49127 bytes)
30" Planer

m_IMG_0723.JPG (71868 bytes)

Homemade straight-line ripsaw
m_IMG_0725.JPG (77781 bytes)
Close up of straight-line ripsaw
m_IMG_0724.JPG (82669 bytes)
Straight-line ripsaw dual blades
m_IMG_0702.JPG (61941 bytes)
Log yard

m_IMG_0690.JPG (47954 bytes)

Kiln dried lumber shed
m_IMG_0696.JPG (45300 bytes)
Kiln dried lumber shed
m_IMG_0706.JPG (45919 bytes)
Air-drying lumber shed
m_IMG_0729.JPG (64838 bytes)
Fence Boards

moulder1.JPG (182791 bytes)
Weinig five head moulder

moulder2.JPG (124983 bytes)

Cutting heads with guards 
on and feed rollers
Moulder3.jpg (122494 bytes)
Cutting heads with guards off showing Terminus blue cutter heads and feed rollers.
Moulder4.jpg (101817 bytes)
Eight foot in feed table.

Moulder5.jpg (96623 bytes)

Control panels for the feed wheels and cutting heads


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