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Green Lumber

The Frank Thomas Sawmill provides retail sales of green lumber to local homeowners, farms, construction companies and county, state and federal government agencies. 

We sell green lumber that is sawed from oak and poplar trees.  Lumber up to 12 inches thick, 12 inches wide and 20 feet long is available depending on log supplies. 

Our sawmill also provides custom milling of logs that you bring to the sawmill.  We will cut your logs into the size boards you desire.  For example, if you are a farmer that needs 1x6x16-foot fence boards, or a construction company that needs 2-inch thick boards for a new trailer floor, we can meet your needs.  For the home hobbyist, we can saw your oak or walnut logs into boards for that next special project.

(We will not re-saw used or reclaimed lumber.)

We can saw a log that is up to 24 inches in diameter and 20 feet long.  If you have a log that exceeds these limits, call us and we will let you know if we can accommodate your oversized log(s). 

Kiln Dried Lumber 

The Frank Thomas Sawmill also provides retail sales of kiln dried lumber to home hobbyists, custom furniture makers, cabinet shops, construction companies and county, state and federal government agencies. 

We have a good selection of kiln dried domestic and exotic lumber in stock; please click on the Dried Lumber Pricelist on the home page for the current list of lumber and prices.

Availability of all species of lumber is dependent upon suppliers. 

Others Services

Planing -

We provide Planing of lumber up to 6 thick and 30 wide. 

Jointing -

We provide Face Jointing of lumber up to16 wide.

(We will not Plane or Joint used or reclaimed lumber.)

 Sanding -

We provide Power Sanding of lumber up to 24 in width.  


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