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The Frank Thomas Sawmill now offers Moulder services using our Weinig five head moulder.

moulder1.JPG (182791 bytes)
Weinig five head moulder

moulder2.JPG (124983 bytes)
Cutting heads with guards on and feed rollers
Moulder3.jpg (122494 bytes)
Cutting heads with guards off showing Terminus blue cutter heads and feed rollers.
Moulder4.jpg (101817 bytes)
Eight foot in feed table.

  Moulder5.jpg (96623 bytes)
Control panels for the feed wheels and cutting heads

We offer the following:

        Surfacing of lumber on all four-sides.         

S4S 2 .jpg (99170 bytes) S4S 1.jpg (94595 bytes)

        Custom-made tongue-and-groove flooring without back relief, used where the bottom of the flooring will be exposed.

TG_1_no_back_relief.jpg (79947 bytes) T&G 2.jpg (109718 bytes)

        Custom-made tongue-and-groove flooring with back relief

T&G back relief.JPG (75921 bytes)

        Tongue-and-groove with v-groove for walls and ceilings.

V Grove 1.JPG (67541 bytes)  V Grove 2.JPG (76015 bytes)
Case moulding2.JPG (64260 bytes)
Case Moulding
Case Moulding.JPG (68172 bytes)
Case Moulding
Quarter round case moulding .JPG (64204 bytes)
Quarter Round Case Moulding
Pannel moulding.JPG (69668 bytes)
Panel Moulding
IMG_3170.JPG (499322 bytes)
Soft Maple Lumber Base Moulding with Roman Ogee Top
IMG_3171.JPG (468869 bytes)
Poplar Lumber Base Moulding with Roman Ogee Top
IMG_3172.JPG (449612 bytes)
Custom Case Moulding
 IMG_3159.JPG (384016 bytes)
Custom Moulding with Bull Nose
4_moulding_page_A.jpg (118093 bytes)
Custom Moulding Group Picture      
Quarter_Round_Moulding_1.jpg (130530 bytes)
1/2" x 3/4" Show Moulding


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