Dry Lumber Price List
(All prices are subject to change without notice.)

Prices effective February 25, 2011                                                                       Click here to print out Price List in .pdf format.


FAS= First and Second Class     T&GTongue and grove      LF= Linear Foot

4/4:  pronounced four quarter representing 1 inch thick board.

5/4:  pronounced five quarter representing 11/4 inch thick board.

6/4:  pronounced six quarter representing 1 ½ inch thick board.

8/4:  pronounced eight quarter representing 2 inch thick board. 

Reminder: When a board is planed smooth on two sides the thickness of the board is reduced by a quarter of an inch.           

Calculating "Board Feet":
Lumber is priced by the "Board-Foot" (Bd/Ft).  To calculate the board feet of a piece of lumber:  Multiply the number of inches of thickness (e.g 1") by the board's width in inches and then by the board's length.  For example:  a 1" thick board that measures 6" wide by 72" long would be: 1 x 6 x 72 = 432 divided by 144 (the number of square inches in a square foot) = 3 Board Feet.  If you use feet instead of inches for your length measurement, then divide by 12.

We custom-make Fire Place Mantels to Order. We have various styles on display at the sawmill and sample pictures on this website. 
Click here to see a few examples.

All lumber over 10 inches wide please call for a price quote.  

All lumber is or can be surfaced two sides. 

$75 dollars per hour for all millwork. 


Millwork is limited to flat surfacing of four sides only.

Availability of all species of lumber is dependent upon suppliers. 

Click here to print out Price List in .pdf format.

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